Sanju Samson Breaks Silence On Losing Place To Pant and Rahul.

Sanju Samson Breaks Silence On Losing Place To Pant and Rahul On Twitter.

And due to this cricket fans were very much disappointed with the decision of BCCI. And on Social media, they express their Hate for BCCI.

According to them, Sanju was better than Rishabh Pant and Kl Rahul and should come in the place of Kl or Rishabh Pant.

On it Sanju tweeted and said: I am very happy in making back comeback in Indian squad after 5 Years.

And he requests fans not to use him as a replacement for KL Rahul and Rishabh Pant.

As according to him they both are great players and didn’t want to compete with them.

And if I do compete With them I Am Disrespecting My Nation.

Why Sanju Was Not Selected In T20 World Cup?

According to me in Rishabh BCCI Is investing time on Rishabh Pant.

Because they have a long-term plan for him and also his performance against England in ODI and Australia In test was Remarkable.

And on the other hand, Sanju Samson doesn’t perform well even against weak teams like Zimbabwe and Ireland.

But if somehow Sanju performs well in New Zealand A team and Pant performs badly In T20 World Cup.

Then in the future, the place Of Rishabh Pant can be taken.

Because as we all know Rishabh has been given many chances as compared to Sanju Samson.

And then BCCI Had to give chance To Sanju because if they don’t do so it will be a little unfair.

So in the end Sanju Samson Breaks Silence On Losing Place To Pant and Rahul shows how simple and humble is Sanju Samson.


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