About Us

What Is Sportstalks?

Sports talks is a blogging Website that provides information on Cricket. As I Provide latest Information On Trending Topics Of Cricket. As basically I Choose This Topic Because I love Watching Cricket.

Sportstalks is a Professional Cricket Platform. Here we will only provide you with interesting content that you will enjoy very much.

We are committed to providing you with the best of Cricket, with a focus on reliability and Cricket Blog.

We strive to turn our passion for Cricket into a thriving website. We hope you enjoy our Sportsttalks as much as we enjoy giving them to you.

I will keep on posting such valuable and knowledgeable information on my Website for all of you. Your love and support matters a lot.

What We Provide On Sportstalks ?

In sports talks, We Share Information On IPL, Women’s Cricket, Men’s Cricket, Bilateral Series, ICC Events, and all Major Tournaments Of cricket.

As I Do hard work and research to craft an Article on My Blog.

Till Now I Have Tell You what you will Get On Sportstalks. But Now let’s Move Backwards For telling you How I Become Blogger And Created Sportstalks.

Who I Am: Lokesh Chawla

My Name Is Lokesh Chawla and I live in Abohar which is in Punjab. I have done My Bachelors In Arts From Dav College Abohar.

And it includes Subjects Like Elective English, Economics, and Physical education.

And after that, I have done Digital Marketing From Google Digital Unlocked.

After that, I Started Learning More About Blogging. And now I Am the Owner Of Sportstalks.

Lokesh Chawla Details

Name: Lokesh Chawla

Designation: Founder Of Sportstalks

Facebook: Click Here

Twitter: Click Here

How I Become Blogger ?

This Is Obvious That If Someone loves blogging he might be interested in reading.

And also have some knowledge Of internet I.e How Internet Works. I was also Just like those types of Guy who loves reading articles on the internet. And having interest In Writing I Start Writing Articles For Fun.

How Sportstalks was Formed ?

From childhood I loved playing and watching cricket. And in 2009 I started watching cricket and after that, I just fell in love with it.

And it becomes an addiction for me and from then onwards I watch and play cricket every day.

As when my graduation was over I thought about what to do in life.

So I started analyzing my interest and strength.

So I decided To Turn Writing For Fun Into Professional Blog. As it connects with my interest i.e Writing For Cricket.

And that is how sports talks was formed.

How I Prefer Blogging Over My Studies ?

After doing a Digital Marketing course From Google Digital Unlocked I started doing more research on Various Aspects Of Digital Marketing.

And by doing so I Came To Know More About Blogging.

As it was matching with my strength of writing For Cricket..

And on the other hand, studying Was Boring For Me.

From Childhood, I always Liked to play and watch Cricket.

So I thought Why not To Play and write sports I Decided To Quit Studies and Take Blogging As a Full-Time Career.

Because I Always Prefer Passionate Life Over Boring Work makes life Cheerful.

As through our medium cricket fans can get the latest cricket Updates.