5 Players To Watch Out In Chelsea Vs Bournemouth Match

As Premier League Is Back After Christmas so now it’s time for the Matches That We Loved Most.

As of Tuesday, We are going to witness the solo crispy match between Chelsea Vs Bournemouth.

And in this match, there are 5 Players Who Can Make Match Interesting

1. Raheem Sterling

As in both teams, Raheem Sterling is a stand-out player because of his ball-making skill and speed on the ground. We all know how good he is as a winger and playmaker. As in Man city, he was Lethal and now in an upcoming match, he will try to show the same Lethal attack.

2. Solanke

In the Premier League season 2022/23, Dominic Solanke has played 12 matches and has 12 shots on target from a total of 20 shots and has scored 3 goals.

 Solanke averages 14 passes per match with a pass completion rate of 73% and has 3 assists.

Image Credit: Premier League

3. Aubameyang

As in 134 Appearance In Premier League Aubameyang Has Scored 69 Goals and also provided 16 assists.

Aubameyang with Raheem makes the attacking of Chelsea lethal.

4. Billing

Billing has scored 4 goals in the 2022/23 Season of the Premier League. And had taken 13 shots the whole season and of which 6 were targets. And 5 were Off Target. And had made 388 assists.

Billing Image Credit: Premier League

5. Mount

As in 119 Appearances In the Premier League mount has scored 26 goals and provided 22 assists.

He has the ability to be one of the best mid-fielders because he is capable of playing in any of the central midfield roles.

And he is strong enough from going box to box.


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