India Vs Hong Kong Asia Cup.

India Vs Hong Kong Asia Cup Match is today and it is going to be learning match.

As we all know hong kong is a weak team as compared to other teams.

And today they will not lose they will learn from India how cricket is played.

As if hong Kong Doesn’t Play Extraordinary Then it is obvious that the match will be one-sided.

Hong Kong Should Win This Match to ensure their Position In Super 4 with ease but if somehow they lose this contest then the next Match will be crucial for Securing a Position in Super 4.

And on the other hand, India can easily qualify For Super 4 If They Beat Hong Kong.

So if you want to watch the match you can visit here.

3 Players To Watch In Ind Vs Hong Kong

As in this contest, we Will tell 5 Players To Watch In Ind Vs Hong Kong.

1. Virat Kholi

Virat Kholi show a few boundaries against Pakistan.

But Somehow it was not clean innings as he get few Lucky Chance due to which he was able to score 35 Runs From 34 Balls.

As today he will get chance to Elevate his performance.

Hong Kong is a weak side as compared to India and due to which virat will have a chance to get back his from.

Also his from is concern for whole team as it give confidence to whole team.

2. Rohit Sharma

Rohit the skipper of India was not in his true potential against Pakistan Because of High Pressure game.

As he scored just 12 runs in 18 balls which was not up to the mark according to his reputation.

And while playing against Hong Kong Rohit will Have A Chance To Get His Form Back. As To win Asia Cup We need Form Of Our Skipper.

3. Nizakat Khan

Nizakat Khan is the skipper of Hong Kong and it will be interesting to see how he perform against Powerful Team India.

As skipper is responsible for boosting for confidence in Team to Perform against Better Side.

As Hong Kong Have To Perform Extra Ordinary To Beat India and it cam be achieved if captain Leads From Front.

Conclusion On India Vs Hong Kong Asia Cup

As India vs Hong Kong Asia Cup match is going to be one-sided if hong kong plays bad cricket.

But If Somehow Hong Kong manage to trouble india then it is going to be Interesting Match Of Cricket.

And which will Help in Boosting Confidence Among Hong Kong Squad.

As by playing with better side they will learn a lot. And in future they will get reward for this.


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